In addition to all the usual events at a GA, this year's Astronomy Roundup will have five 1/2-day paper sessions presented by more than 35 professional and amateur astronomers.

The Friday paper session kicks off with a talk from Dr. Jaymie Matthews on the MOST satellite and what it teaches us about variable stars. The afternoon will continue with more talks about observing variable stars and ends with brief teaser presentations describing the poster papers that are available for viewing throughout the weekend.

We received so many paper proposals that both Saturday and Sunday morning will have parallel paper sessions. On Saturday morning, Session One will include several talks describing how some types of pulsating variables work while Session Two includes recent planetary observations by the ALPO and several talks on "lesser bodies" (meteors, meteorites, asteroids).

On Sunday morning, following the Stampede Breakfast, Session One will start with a planetary theme and then shift to telescopes and robotic observatories. Session Two runs the gamut from using variable star data in science education, through light pollution abatement, visual observing, to a history of amateur observing.

If you haven't already done so, you can register for Astronomy Roundup 2007 at:

Astronomy Roundup Organizing Committee

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Tuesday, May 1, 2007