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The Sky This Month - May 2017

Corvus The Crow

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The Sky This Month - April 2017

A String of Galaxies

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The Sky This Month - March 2017


The star Capella is the most northern of the thirteen bright stars that help make up the winter sky. Referred to as the alpha star of the constellation Auriga, Capella brightly shines at magnitude zero and is the sixth brightest star in the night sky. Auriga is Latin meaning “charioteer” and consists of 657 square degrees of sky ranking it 21st in size. Capella is a yellow-white sun located 43 light-years away and possesses an extremely close companion which has been separated by the Hubble Space Telescope.

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The Sky this Month - February 2017

Hunting The Hare

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The Sky This Month - January 2017

The Winter Milky Way

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The Sky This Month - December 2016

Long Winter Nights

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The Sky This Month - November 2016


One of the most iconic asterisms in northern skies is the famous “W”. This is Cassiopeia the Queen. Mythology states she was extremely vain and with the help of King Cepheus, was about to sacrifice their daughter Andromeda to appease the god. But the tale is not bleak as she was saved by Perseus. The five bright stars that make up Cassiopeia can be seen at any time of year from Canadian soil as this is a circumpolar constellation.

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Explore the Moon

Explore the Moon is a new beginner's observing program (with certificate) that RASC is officially launching today!


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The Sky This Month - October 2016

Aquarius the Water Bearer

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Awards deadline

Awards Deadline

The Awards Committee needs your input -- now is the time to nominate that special person in your Centre, or that unsung hero, whoever it may be. Nominations will be accepted up to and including 2016 December 31. Don't hesitate, grab a pen and jot down the details about that special person -- what makes him or her deserving of nationwide recognition.

Send nominations by email to the RASC Awards Committee <awards@lists.rasc.ca>

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