RASC members can now sign-up directly for our public discussion groups from the new National website. Here is a list of groups that are available:

  • RASCals - The RASC's informal town hall has been operating continuously since November 1995 and has over 300 members who share the latest interesting astronomy news as well as updates on RASC activities and politics.
  • LPA - The National Light Pollution Abatement Discussion Group brings together members from across the country who are working to promote responsible lighting to share tips, techniques and research.
  • Astro-Sketchers - The astro-sketcher group brings together RASC members who are interested in sharing the the pursuit of sketching astronomical objects at the eyepiece. New! The astrosketchers list now permits attachments so members can share their images (See also the AstroSketchers page.)
  • Education and Public Outreach - The Education and Public Outreach list brings together members who are interested in sharing astronomy with the general public.

To sign-up for any of these mailing lists simply login to www.rasc.ca and select "My Mailing Lists" under your RASC ID. Click "Subscribe" and you are done.  You can also switch between normal delivery and digest mode using this feature.

Note that the RASC Astroimaging Group (RASC-AG) - brings together RASC members who are interested in sharing the latest techniques and assist each other with astroimaging and processing. You must sign-up for this community via Yahoo Groups! at this address.

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Friday, December 9, 2011