The information below comes from the RASC President, Glenn Hawley. Please take the time to read it before the Annual Meeting.

To the RASC Membership
In this year of transition from our previous governance model, we on the Executive recognized early on that there would be some wrinkles to smooth out—many items and processes were considered in re-writing the By-Law, plus we introduced a completely new Policy Manual, and some circumstances just couldn’t be foreseen.
In addition, this year is special in that the entire Board of Directors was up for election. Even though there were ample notices regarding the election process and calls for nominations, only eight people applied to run for the Board, thus depriving us of valuable debate and a true election process.
Therefore, the provision in the Policy Manual for acclamation was invoked. Policy G7 reads:
If the number of candidates nominated and confirmed to run for the Board is equal to the number of open positions by the Close of Nominations deadline, then the Confirmed Candidates shall be deemed elected by acclamation. Should one or more vacancies remain on the Board after the Election process, then the Board may appoint a qualified member of the Society to the Board in accordance with Policy B7.
We sincerely hope that more people will consider running at next year’s election when three Director positions will be available. After the closing date, a ninth person agreed to be on the Board and that person will be appointed by the Board during the General Assembly in Victoria.
This is the process that will be followed by the Board this year:
  • Meet on June 26 in Victoria and elect the incoming Executive from the acclaimed eight Directors. Appoint the ninth Director effective June 29.
  • Announce the new Executive immediately following that meeting.
  • The Board and National Advisory Council will meet jointly on June 27.
  • At the Annual General Meeting, the outgoing President will chair the beginning of the meeting, and then will pass the gavel, as has been our tradition for many years, to the incoming President for the remainder of the meeting.
  • Immediately following the AGM, the Board and the National Advisory Council will meet to populate the Permanent Committees.

There are a few housekeeping items needed to clean up both By-Law #1 and the Policy Manual. At the AGM, the membership will be asked to consider motions concerning these items.


For the Annual Report, write "The Extended Annual Report is now available at; it contains the following:

Election of the Board of Directors
Election of Auditor

President’s Message
Secretary’s Message
Treasurer’s Report
Auditor’s Report
Balance Sheet/Statement of Changes in Net Assets
Statement of Revenue, Expenditure
Notes to the Financial Statements
Annual Meeting Minutes—2013
Centre Financial Reports for Fiscal 2013
2013 Annual Meeting Minutes
2013 Annual Reports from Centres
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2014 Centre Addresses and Executives
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Friday, June 20, 2014