Looking Up now available

by R.A. Rosenfeld, Toronto

Looking Up, the thoroughly researched and entertainingly written "official" history of the RASC, is now available again. Long out-of-print, and difficult to obtain used, the book has been digitized in its entirety as an initiative of the History Committee working with Walter MacDonald of the Kingston Centre, and this year's recipient of a RASC Service Award.

Looking Up covers the story of the RASC from its pre-history in the later 19th-century up to 1994, and is profusely illustrated. The author, R. Peter Broughton, a long-time RASC member and past president of the Society, is a recognized authority on the history of astronomy in Canada.

Prof. Don Fernie, noted Canadian professional astronomer, wrote “If you count yourself a Canadian astronomer, this book is part of your heritage; you will be pleased to have it on your bookshelf.” Now you can have Looking Up on your computer!

The URL is http://www.rasc.ca/publications/lookingup/index.shtml.

eNews date: 
Saturday, July 18, 2009