This is the first announcement calling for applications for the 2012 Public Speaker Program.

Three Trustees, Hugues Lacombe, Centre francophone de Montréal, Bruce McCurdy, Edmonton Centre, and I will accept and assess applications from Centres or Speakers for travel in the first half of 2012 -- January 1 to June 30.

The PSP Fund is for Centres to offset the cost of bringing speakers to your area. The money isn't for meals, hall rental, honoraria, or refreshments, but it is for travel and accommodation. Such things as automobile expenses, bus or train travel, transportation to and from an airport, airline travel, and hotel/motel accommodation are covered, as per the Society Travel Policy

We encourage Centres to billet speakers, when possible, to keep accommodation costs to a minimum.

The program policy, requirements, and application form can be located here

Do not hesitate to call, should you want to discuss this application procedure -- see phone number below.

The deadline for this, the first half of 2012, is 2012 January 15.

James Edgar
(306) 728-4819

eNews date: 
Tuesday, December 13, 2011