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  • New Constraints on the Asteroid 298 Baptistina, the Alleged Family Member of the K/T Impactor
  • Long Secondary Periods in Pulsating Red Supergiant Stars
  • Shakespeare and Elizabethan Telescopy
  • Construction of a 16th-Century Telescope:An Experiment in the History of Astronomy
  • Calculating Meteoroid Orbits: Part II: Three Dimensions
  • An Interview with Longtime RASC Member Larry Wood

All your favourite regular columns, plus some new ones:

  • Pen & Pixel
  • On Another Wavelength: The Rosette Nebula
  • Astronomical Art and Artifact: A Tale of Two Globes
  • Second Light: A Blast From the Past
  • Through My Eyepiece: Stargazing
  • Carpe Umbram: A Mockultation and a Miss
  • A Moment With...Dr. Chris Jillings
  • Gizmos: Mystery and Magnificence

And the usual extras:

  • Editorial
  • News Notes
  • Society News
  • Reviews
  • New Banners for Winnipeg Centre
  • Astrocryptic
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