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Easy Outreach Event Reporting Online Now!

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Written by Ron Macnaughton, Chair, RASC Education Committee , National Office on
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Mon, 2010/11/29

Has your centre been doing outreach events? We’d love to have your information for future fund raising efforts. Now you can go online and report your numbers quickly and easily. It only takes a minute. Go to and click the link on the lower left hand side of our home page.

Outreach event information is not only important for fund raising. It also helps us determine needs for new resource development, additional production runs, and resource distribution to members and centres.

If your outreach event had more than one component, such as a mall booth in the afternoon then an evening observing session with different volunteers, feel free to enter them as separate events. Likewise, if you put on too many events to enter individually, feel free to enter a single summary event.

To confirm that the entry has been received, you will receive a confirmation email containing your event data. Your centre officials will receive a list of all recorded activities for your centre on a regular basis.