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Halifax to Get New Science Centre and Planetarium

A new home for Halifax’s Discovery Centre complete with an Immersive Dome Theatre, the first of its kind that can be used to immerse the viewers into environments from under the ocean to among the stars is to be built on the Halifax waterfront.

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Canada's Oldest Scientific Society Begins 165TH Year of Free Public Science Talks

The Royal Canadian Institute for the Advancement of Science (RCI) has kicked off 2014 with a bang.


The RCI is hosting two upcoming lectures in partnership with the RASC Toronto and the RASC Mississauga Centres.


Here are the details:



Date/Time: February 9, 3 pm

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Will ISON be the Comet of the Century?

Have you been hearing about Comet ISON on the news lately? How can you track what may be the comet of the century? Here is a guide from The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada including resource links to help you learn more and keep you up-to-date about Comet ISON.



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Ottawa Centre Goes LIVE

On Friday November 1 at 8 p.m. Eastern, the Ottawa Centre plans to broadcast its monthly Centre meeting from the Canada Science and Technology Museum live via the internet. Our two hour meeting consists of a few speakers and a photo gallery of images. This is the Centre’s first try at a live broadcast and we hope it’s a smooth ride. I would be interested on hearing your feedback. Come join the Ottawa Centre in this new avenue of public outreach..

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Beaver Hills Dark Sky Preserve 1st Anniversary

The first anniversary celebration of the signing of the Beaver Hills Dark-Sky Preserve declaration was held in Central Alberta at Elk Island National Park, on September 2, 2007. Whereas the RASC Edmonton Centre did the majority of organizing for last year’s inaugural event: ‘Many Cultures, One Sky’; Parks Canada staff did most of the organizing for 2007. The event was well attended with several hundred guests, a lower key event compared to last year’s gate count of over 2,500!

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"Canada in Space" Published by Victoria Centre Member

Congratulations are in order for Chris Gainor, member of the Victoria Centre and former National Council representative who has recently published a new book entitled: Canada In Space: The People & Stories behind Canada's Role in the Exploration of Space.

Canada In Space follows the inventions and people that helped catapult Canada beyond Earth's skies. From the Avro Arrow and early Canadian inventions like the Alouette I to modern day shuttle missions with Canadian astronauts including Julie Payette, Chris Hadfield and Marc Garneau.

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University of Saskatchewan Observatory

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The Perseid meteor shower is set to light up the sky tonight!

Each year between late July and early August, the Earth passes through comet Swift-Tuttle’s debris. The debris (mostly bits of dust) burn up in the atmosphere and the result can be a spectacular meteor shower. One of the best opportunities for viewing will be across the northern hemisphere between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. tonight (August 12). Look toward the northeast (Perseus), but expect to see the meteors in any part of the sky.


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David Levy Tour Report

Check out this story by Journal Associate Editor Nicole Martinello for Global News on David Levy's recent speaking tour of Southern Ontario Centres:



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Last Reminder to Register for the 2013 General Assembly in Thunder Bay



Message from 2013 GA Chairman Dave Gallant
Hello everyone!
This is a last reminder that the on-line registration system for the 2013 GA will be taken down at the end of the day on Saturday June 8.
If you are planning on attending and have been waiting to register, now is the time.
For those of you that have registered, but want to add something, now is the time.
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