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  • Period Changes for the d Scuti Star YZ Boo by Rachel Ward, Paul Delaney, Sarah Sadavoy, Aaron Maxwell, Senthuran Senthilnathan, and Sandy Hsu
  • RASC Dark-Sky Program by Robert Dick
  • Magnitude Changes in a Variable Star by Alaina Edwards
  • The Chris Graham Robotic Telescope by Craig Breckenridge
  • The CASTOR “Sputnik 50th Anniversary Satellite-Tracking Bonanza”: Project Overview and Preliminary Analysis by Michael A. Earl
  • Pixellations II: The Telescope-Camera Connection by Ian Cameron & Jennifer West

Plus, all your favourite regular columns:

  • Pen and Pixel by Stef Cancelli/Rolf Meier/Randall Rosenfeld/Steve Irvine
  • Second Light by Leslie J. Sage
  • Deep-Sky Contemplations by Doug Hube & Warren Finlay
  • Through My Eyepiece by Geoff Gaherty
  • Gizmos by Don Van Akker
  • Carpe Umbram by Guy Nason
  • Orbital Oddities by Bruce McCurdy
  • Gerry’s Meanderings by Gerry Smerchanski
  • Quick Picks for Observing by Kim Hay

And a few extras:

  • Glory for Glories Sake by Rick Stankiewicz
  • Astrocryptic Answers by Curt Nason
  • Help Wanted
  • Society News by James Edgar


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Tuesday, June 10, 2008