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August Journal now on-line

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Mon, 2009/07/06

The on-line version (in Adobe Acrobat PDF format) of the August 2009 issue of the RASC Journal is now available in full-colour, high-resolution format (5.4 MB), plus a low-resolution version (2.5 MB) for those members on dial-up service.

To access the current issues of the Journal, login at the portal
Then select "Journal Access"
Use the login details found there and coming to you by email announcement.

James Edgar
Journal Production Manager

August 2009 Issue Contents - table des matières

Feature Articles/Articles de Fond

  • Astronomical Observations by Peter Fidler and Others in “Canada” 1790-1820 by Peter Broughton
  • Buzzard Coulee - An Amateur Search Effort by Murray D. Paulson
  • Running Large-Scale Astronomy Events on the Web by G. Tulloch, P. Trudel, and M. Simmons


  • On Another Wavelength: M27 - A Bipolar Planetary Nebula by David Garner
  • Pen and Pixel: Noctilucent Clouds/Veil Nebula/ Elephant Trunk Nebula/Mare Serenitatis
    by David Roles/Stef Cancelli & Paul Mortfield/Pierre Tremblay/Mike Wirths
  • Through My Eyepiece: Titan's Shadow by Geoff Gaherty
  • Quick Picks for Observing by Kim Hay
  • A Moment With...Dr. Peter Martin by Phil Mozel
  • Astronomical Art & Artifact: Alfred Russel Wallace and the RASC by R.A. Rosenfeld
  • Second Light: Intermediate-Mass Black Holes by Leslie J. Sage
  • Orbital Oddities: Delight(s) of Day, Part 2 by Bruce McCurdy
  • Gizmos: Springwater Observatory - The Floor by Don Van Akker


  • Letters to the Editor
  • Errata
  • News Notes/En manchettes
    • Best-selling Theoretical Physicist and Cosmologist Gives Prestigious Public Lecture
    • Saint Mary’s University - First Ph.D. & 2009 Plaskett Medal
    • CASCA Presents First Peter G. Martin Award
    • Celebration of Canadian Astronauts
  • Reviews
    • François Arago, un savant généreux. Physique et astronomie au XiX siècle
    • Alien Volcanoes
    • To a Distant Day: The Rocket Pioneers
  • Society News by James Edgar
  • Astrocryptic Answers by Curt Nason