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The Sky This Month - October 2012

Brightest Comet in Human History?


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2013 Observer's Handbook and Calendar Now Available to Order!





$27.95 plus S&H and applicable taxes

Free PC Planetarium Software in every book!   

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Call for Nominations for RASC National Awards

Call for Nominations for RASC National Awards

By Mary Lou Whitehorne, Awards Committee Chair

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2012 Helen Sawyer Hogg Lecture now Available

Will the world end in 2012? Of course not!

Find out just how ridiculous the claims of various snake oil salespeople who are promoting the end of the Mayan calendar by watching this entertaining review of the scientific evidence provided by Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell at the 2012 RASC General Assembly courtesy of the Edmonton Centre.


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The Sky This Month - September 2012

The Water Bearer


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All's Well That Ends Well

Many in the amateur astronomical world now know the story of how a young David Levy was nearly expelled from the Society 45 years ago. Familiarity with the tale is due in no small part to Dr. Levy's candid retelling of it, and the unexpectedly happy outcome of the event; he continued to observe, he became famous, and he refused to repudiate us. Now one of the prime surviving documents shaping that affair has gone online.

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Special December Issue: “The Environmental Impact of Light-pollution and its Abatement"

Special December 2012 Issue of the Journal

This December, The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada will publish “The Environmental Impact of Light-pollution and its Abatement, as a special supplement to its internationally recognized periodical, the Journal.

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The Sky This Month - August 2012

Draco The Dragon


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Comet Petriew August 2012 Finder

With star party season now in full swing many observers are in search of galaxies, nebula and perhaps a comet of their own. But don’t forget to take a look at Comet Petriew this August as it peaks in brightness around mid-month marking the 2nd anniversary of it's discovery. Recently we caught up with Vance at his observatory: Vance Petriew Interview (YouTube video).

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Carol Lakomiak on astrosketching at rasc.ca!

Carol Lakomiak, veteran observer, BBC Sky at Night magazine's astrosketching columnist, and astrophotographer, shares her advice on how to draw what you observe through easy to follow tutorials of proven effectiveness! Our Observer's Handbook editor has used Carol's tutorials, and he won a lunar imaging contest after doing so. Carol's tutorials on lunar sketching and solar and DSO sketching now have a new home at rasc.ca.

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