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Lowell Lecture

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Percival Lowell Event 1916-04-27

Toronto Meetings 1916
The Meetings Are Open To The Public

A SPECIAL MEETING will be held in the Auditorium of the

Harbord and Lippincott Sts.,
on THURSDAY, APRIL 27th, 1916, at 8 o'clock.

Professor Percival Lowell
A.B., L.L.D.,
Director of the Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff, Ariz.,

will give an illustrated lecture on

"The Genesis of the Planets,"

      The Lowell Observatory was established over twenty years ago, chiefly for the study of the planets, and the investigations made there have led to the general recognition of Dr. Lowell as our greatest authority on Mars. His researches on the planets have given him a high place in the astronomical world while his books on Mars have had a very wide general circulation. Recently Dr. Lowell has made notable discoveries regarding Saturn and Uranus and the lecture, which will be of a non-technical nature, will include an account of these.

      This lecture is held during the meeting of Ontario Educational Association and a large attendance is expected.



(This fascinating meeting was also the setting for an election to six RASC Honorary Memberships. Prof. Lowell was in attendance to be inaugurated, but also elected were Oskar Backlund, Benjamin Baillaud, Sir Frank Watson Dyson, Frank Schlesinger and Herbert Hall Turner. Unfortunately, both Backlund and Lowell passed away before the end of the year.)

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