The following Society members have given their names to be considered for the 2014/2015 Board of Directors (there being insufficient names to hold an election, these members have been declared winners by acclamation).

Randy Boddam (Belleville)

Randy has been a Life Member of the RASC since 1988.  As a member of the Belleville Centre, he has had the opportunity to engage in observing nights and public outreach. This participation has encouraged his interest in our scientific hobby. The Society has been a central force in his pursuit of astronomy and he seeks to join the Board to facilitate for others what the Society has given him: the opportunity to participate in exploring astronomy with the support and encouragement of others.

James Edgar (Regina)

James has been an active member of the Society since joining in 2000. He has previous experience with councils and committees of the Society at both the National and Centre levels, working on various committees: Awards, Constitution, Executive, Finance, Membership & Promotion, and Publications; he was the Regina Centre Representative on National Council 2005-2006. He currently is the National Secretary; Journal Production Manager; Observer's Handbook Asst. Editor; Observer's Calendar Proofreader, and he produces the Society's Annual Report. James has expressed a desire to become the Society's next President.

Karen Finstad (Ottawa)

Karen has been a member of the RASC since 1975. Even though she has kept in the background of our Society, she has been a board member of various other organizations in Alberta and Ontario. She has extensive experience in volunteering, including literacy tutor, music librarian, newsletter editor, Webmaster, and currently technician’s assistant at a major public herbarium. She wishes to take on the role of National Secretary.

Chris Gainor (Victoria)

Chris is currently the Chair of the Nominating Committee, and has been on the previous Executive and Board as 2nd Vice-President for two years. He wishes to remain in that role for the coming term. His work on the Nominating Committee has shepherded the Society through two elections under the new governance model. His steady hand at the tiller has made the process a painless one.

Denis Grey (Toronto)

Denis has been a member since 1997, currently is the Society's Treasure, and wishes to remain so. He is well known in the Society, having served as Toronto Centre President, on numerous committees, and as a National Council Representative. He is hard-working, innovative, thoughtful, and is self-driven. His many years of work at the national level and with the Society's computer systems provide Denis with unique knowledge, which positions him well to keep our membership and the systems current.

Colin Haig (Hamilton)

Colin is the Society's 1st Vice-President, is the chair of both the Constitution and Publications Committees, and sits on the IT Committee. Colin has been a member of the RASC for many years and has served in numerous committees in the Hamilton Centre and on the National stage. His knowledge and expertise in computer matters have been very useful in keeping the Society Office computers running smoothly and up-to-date.

Craig Levine (London)

Craig was recently appointed by the Board to a vacant position, and he wants to continue in that role for the next term. He also sits on the IT and Publications Committees. Craig has been active in the Halifax and London Centres for many years and brings a strong technology background to bear in his approach to problems and issues. He has 25 years of business and marketing experience, 7 years on National Council/National Advisory Council with involvement on various committees, including leading the process of divesting the RASC of its former National Office property. He is an avid visual observer.

Paul Schumacher (Victoria)

Paul joined the Board last year during the first interim election following the Society's governance restructuring. He is looking forward to taking an active role in Board deliberations. Paul has recently moved to Victoria, having for many years been a member of the Kitchener-Waterloo Centre. Almost as soon as he arrived out west, he volunteered to be on the General Assembly organizing committee, a role he has performed admirably.


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