General Donations

Funds donated to the General Purposes of the Society are used to support our ongoing work. These funds are not allocated to a specific purpose, but are used to support infrastructure, Society development and special projects. A portion of the Sustaining Membership program donations are allocated to this purpose.

Donors for 2014
Searle Hartman
Colin Haig
David MacLeod
David Tindall
In Honour of Kevin
Keith Janke
Heinrich Schmidt
Jay Anderson
Peter H Ashenhurst
A Dibben
Mark Gerwlivch
Robert Johnston
Neil L Maxwell
Kirsten Vanstone
David Chisholm
Scott Alexander
Ron Artrong
Henry G Neil
Searle Hartman
Pranab K Mukherjee
Donald D Scarlett
Walter K Campney
Ruth Hicks
Donald Laidlaw
Ron Steele
Ken Young
Gary Collins
Gerry Cyr
James Hesser
Alen Koebel
Damien Lemay
Bruce Seifred
Antony Stuart
Robert Eisner
Yvan Guay
Amelia Wehlau
Denis Grey
Norman Jeffery
Elizabeth Keller
Frederick D Marlett
Peter J Harris
Barry Jeffrey
David Turner
Stephen Bedingfield
Denis Desmeules
Robert W King
Donald L Macdonald
Raymond Auclair
Roy Bishop
Douglas P Hube
Graham C Murphy
Bruce A Aikenhead
Glyn George
James T Himer
Shawn Lee
Betty R Robinson
Charles Schaeffer
Doug Pott
Randy Dodge
David Prud'homme
William P Bradley
Lynne E Gibbon
Neil L Maxwell
Richard Robert
Peter R Schreibmaier
John Dudych
Tim Meadows
Louis Henken
Fintan S Kennedy
R Allan Moore
Kurt Warncke
Ashlish Punde
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