Earliest Society Bylaws

A transcription of this document is provided below. A photo of this document appeared in JRASC, (35) 89 along with this note:

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Swift Canadian Factory

The Swift Canadian Co. factory where Bert Topham worked.  Photo courtesy of Lynn Kirk.

Note by EBriggs on Tue, 2013-10-08 13:45: Intersection of Keele and St. Clair.

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Topham Truss Scope

Bert Topham's truss telescope.  Bert is at the far right.  Photo courtesy of Lynn Kirk.

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105 Regent St - Back

105 Regent Street, Toronto (rear view) as it appeared in 2010.

Bert Topham's first dome, Topham's Top which he purchased second-hand and trucked across Toronto, was perched above the sunroom (see Scientific American, November 1937).

Photo courtesy of Lynn Kirk.

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105 Regent St - Front

105 Regent Street, Toronto as it appeared in 2010.  John Pilkington and Bert Topham built this house.  Bert's first observatory, "Topham's Top," was perched above a sunroom at the rear of this house. Photo courtesy of Lynn Kirk.

(Regent Street runs parallel to Keele Street. 105 is on the east side of the street, north of Rogers Road.—WM)

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Topham Letter 19440915

Castlefield Observatory
Fairbanks P.O.
Toronto 10
Sept 15/44

Secretary R.A.S.C.

Dear Mr. Waring

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Letter to Topham 19440908

September 8, 1944.

Mr. Bert Topham,
Castlefield Observatory,
Fairbanks P.O.,

Dear Mr. Topham:

At the meeting, this week, of the Council of the Royal
Astronomical Society of Canada, Toronto Center, Miss
Northcott informed the members of your recent accident.

Concern of all was expressed for your welfare and it
was desired that their feeling in this regard be
expressed to you on their part.

We hope for you a speedy recovery.

Sincerely yours,

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Alfred Scott

(1904-90) Observer and Toronto Centre member. Received the Service Award in 1979.

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Harlan Creighton

(1946-2004) An educator and active member of the Toronto Centre. Received the Service Award in 1981.

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Frederic Troyer

(1912-99) An active 75-year member of the Toronto Centre. He received the Service Award in 1960.

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