Hydrogen Flames 1893

Hydrogen Flames 1893 August 13 8h 30m (258°)

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Sunspot 1891 Feb 13

A sunspot group on 1891 February 19th at 13:30, as sketched by A.F. Miller.

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Sunspot August 1893

Great Spot, August 1893 as sketched by A.F. Miller.


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The Sun 1906 June 27

This photo of the sun was taken on 1906 June 27 by society member Rev. Dr. Marsh. See Dr. Marsh's article Photographing the Sun and Moon with a 5-inch Refracting Telescope in the RASC Proceedings for 1905, p.108.

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Solar Eclipse 1900

At the meeting of 1900 June 12, Mr. T. Lindsay presented this photo which was taken by Mr. D.E. Hadden's 8x10 camera. (Mr. Hadden of Alta, Iowa was an associate member of the society.) This photo was published in the Transactions for 1900, page 18.

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Sunspot Sketches 1892


CHANGES IN SUN SPOT GROUP, JULY, 1892. From drawing by MR. A. ELVINS. Published in TAPST 1892.

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Sunspot Sketch 1890

Sunspot and Hydrogen Flame

Sketched on 1890 Nov 30 and 1890 Aug 3 respectively. Published in TAPST 1890.

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Lantern A11

Photo by Capt. Ash, Quebec, 1869 or 1870.

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Lantern A10


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Lantern 11

Photograph of Sun taken at Québec Observatory, 1870 August 28. [Slide A72]

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