Sir Adam Wilson

1890s Wilson Donation

To the members of the Astronomical Society


It will afford me much pleasure if you will accept the telescope and celestial globe of the late Sir Adam Wilson as it was his express wish that it should be offered to this astronomical society in which he took so much interest.

I remain Gentlemen
Very Sincerely Yours

E. Wilson

Spadina Crescent
May 4th.

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18901202 Wilson

Spadina Crescent

2nd Dec/90

My dear Sir

I think I shall not be able to attend the meeting of the Society this evening.

If it is agreeable to the gentlemen present I will be very much pleased to have the next meeting at my place — and pray renew my invitation to the gentlement I mentioned in my former note to drop up here some night if they can make it convenient to have a little star gazing where the night is likely to be clear enough for the purpose. It will be quite a pleasure to have them call — and come yourself also.

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18901120 Wilson

Spadina Crescent

20 Nov 1890

Dear Sir

Will you ask the V.P. of the Society & Mr. Miller at whose house we were at the other night, and any one else you may think would be useful to come to my house some night soon — as soon as you please, when the night is likely to be good for star gazing — and to come himself of course — for the purpose of trying and testing my telescope.

And be good enough if the gentlemen are able to come to let me by 4 PM of the day + hour they will come, and I shall be very glad to see you all.

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