Gassendi 20130915

Gerry Smerchanski ©   Here is my sketch of the Crater Gassendi. Gassendi is found on the 'north shores' of Mare Humorum and is a very complex structure. South rim seems inundated by the Mare while the crater itself exhibits rilles, central peaks, craterlets wall breaches and it is found between Mare and highlands.

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Gibbous Moon 20131012

Louise Racine ©  2012 October 13. White chalk on black paperboard.

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Moon 20131013

Louise Racine © 2012 October 13. 12-inch Dob, 13mm ocular, 2x barlow. White chalk on black paperboard.

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Moon and Halo

R.A. Rosenfeld ©  Several naked-eye images executed from an overly-lit downtown Toronto parking lot. The lunar halo was very faint.

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The Moon 20131013

R.A. Rosenfeld ©   Pencil sketch of the Moon as observed by the unaided eye. 2013 October 13, UTC 00:25.

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Archimedes 20131012

Silvia Graca ©  I had a wonderful time under the moonlight!

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Plato 20131012

Sketch © Gerry Smerchanski  I only had time for one sketch and even that was rushed with many details being left out. I did take time to watch the occultation of Beta Capricornus (Dabih) It was quite some time between the disappearance of the first companion and the second as they are separated by some distance. After they disappeared I went to sketching and didn't notice that they had popped out the other side while I was still sketching.

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19600502 Ariadaeus Rill

Ariadaeus Rill (Hyginus Rill on right).  8 reflector at 180x.  Sketched by Lorne Jewitt (Toronto Centre) on 1960 May 2 at 1:00 UT.  Col. 341.17°.  Willowdale, Ontario.

Photo published in JRASC, 1962.

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Chant Slide 041

41. Portion of moon. (Mt. Wilson Obs.)

Note: this is a thumbnail image only.

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Chant Slide 040

40. Photograph of moon at 1st quarter.

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