Charles Carpmael 1894

Charles Carpmael (1846-94)

Published in the Transactions of the society for 1894.

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Andrew Elvins 1893

ANDREW ELVINS (1823-1918) was one of the founding members of the society in 1868.

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Sunspot Sketches 1892


CHANGES IN SUN SPOT GROUP, JULY, 1892. From drawing by MR. A. ELVINS. Published in TAPST 1892.

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Sunspot Sketch 1890

Sunspot and Hydrogen Flame

Sketched on 1890 Nov 30 and 1890 Aug 3 respectively. Published in TAPST 1890.

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Saturn Sketch 1895


Saturn, as seen in Dr. J.J. Wadsworth’s Reflector, Simcoe Ont. in July 1895.
Drawn by Miss Eva M. Brook. Published in TAPST, 1895.

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Lightning 1896

Lightning Flash

Photographed by Mr. Harold B. Lefroy, Toronto, June 6th, 1896. Published in TAPST, 1896.

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Ruth Northcott 1960s

Ruth Northcott in the 1960s. Photo by Doug Hube.

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O.C. to HSH 1969

Helen S. Hogg Awarded O.C. by GG Roland Michener 1969

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B.F. Shinn

B.F. Shinn (centre) President RASC Winnipeg Centre and his portable recorder. Photo by James Steffensen.

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Professor Jackson

Prof. Robert Jackson (U of Minnesota) and his telescope. Photo by James Steffensen.

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