Kingston Plaque Dedication

Honoured guests at the unveiling of the historic plaque marking the location of Ontario’s first observatory: Dr. John Downie, Dean of the Department of Applied Sciences of Queen’s University; Dr. A. Vibert Douglas, Founder and Honorary President of the Kingston Centre and Past President (1943–1944) of the R.A.S.C.; and Professor Victor Hughes of the Department of Physics of Queen’s University. Photo by Leo Enright.

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A.V. Douglas, David Levy

A.V. Douglas and David Levy at a Kingston Centre meeting at Queen's University, circa 1978. Photo by Leo Enright.

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Astronomy Day 1984 #7

Astronomy Day 1984 (May 5) in Kingston, Ontario. Hein van Asperen with his home-made 10 Newtonian on Dobsonian mount.  Leo Enright is on the right.

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Warren Morrison

A Kingston Centre member and active variable star observer. Chilton Prize 1979. Chant Medal 1986.

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Leo Enright 19891020

Leo Enright's introduction to Clyde Tombaugh's lecture in Kingston on 1989 October 20.

The text of this introduction was published in the October 2010 issue of Regulus.

A report of the meeting was published in the January 1990 issue of Regulus.

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Leo Enright

(1943-2009) A longtime active observer and member of the Kingston Centre. He brought Astronomy Day to Canada and developed the Beginner's Observing Guide. Leo received the Service Award in 1986.

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David Levy

(1948-) Possibly the RASC's most famous member and most active observer. Received the Chant Medal in 1980 and the Simon Newcomb Award in 2002.

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Arthur Covington

(1913-2001) Canada's first radio astronomer; RASC Honorary President (1986-89).

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Alice Douglas

(1894-1988) Professor of Astronomy and Dean of Women at Queen's University (1939-63). She studied Physics under Sir Arthur Eddington and later wrote his biography. President of the Society (1943-44) and founder of the RASC Kingston Centre in 1961.

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Astronomy Day 1984 #5

Astronomy Day 1984 (May 5) in Kingston, Ontario.  Centre display at the Cataraqui Mall, including the centre's 10 Newtonian.

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