Edmonton Meeting 1979

A general meeting of the Edmonton Centre at the Queen Elizabeth Planetarium.  Photo from RASC slide collection, dated Feb. 1979.

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Batten Presentation 1978

Presentation to retiring president Dr. Alan Batten from Edmonton Centre, inscribed:

MARCH 4, 1960

— In appreciation —

Dr. Alan Batten

President 1976-78
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

This is a mounted portion of the Bruderheim meteorite presented to him by the Edmonton Centre in appreciation of his service to the Society. (ref: Looking Up, p.92)

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GA Group Photo - 2012

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GA Graphic - 2012

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Wates Scope 1943

Wates Telescope, September 1943. JRASC 37, 265 (1943) not published. Original print at DDO.

Possibly in the picture: A. McKeller, J. Campbell, J. Pearce, Lt. Gov. J.C. Bowen, C. Wates, Pres. Nelson.

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QE Planetarium Brochure

Queen Elizabeth Planetarium brochure.

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Edmonton Early Years

The Earlier Years of the Edmonton Centre, by E.S. Keeping.

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GA 1978 Article

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GA Group Photo - 1996

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GA Group Photo - 1985

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