F.S. Hogg

This is none other than Frank Scott Hogg, Ph.D. (Harvard), Professor of Astronomy, etc, etc, and also the husband of Helen Hogg. I am sure you can find an obituary in the Journal [JRASC 45,1]. Frank had a weak heart and died prematurely in 1949, I believe -- otherwise he would have been the third Director of DDO. It is a good picture of him, showing his piercing but firendly eyes.

Photo by R. Northcott, Nov. 1950. Note by D.A. MacRae, 1998.

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R.E. Williamson

This man, with the Mephistophelian/Orson Wellsian visage, is Ralph E. Williamson, Ph.D. Chicago, a student of Chandrasekhar. Ralph came to UofT/DDO in 1946 or so. He and I had been great friends together at Cornell. At the start of WWII, we found ourselves teaching navigation to US Navy Midshipmen recruits. Then I went to Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Ralph stayed on for a bit, working with Charles Seeger onthe Cornell radio astronomy project (now Aricebo) that Charles initiated.

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