18960605 Downing

Nautical Almanac Office,
3, Verulam Buildings,
Gray's Inn, W.C.

5 June 1896

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your letter of 23 May announcing my election as an Honorary Member of your Society. Please convey to the Members the expression of my thanks for the compliment they have paid me, and through me, to the official science of the mother country.

I enclose a paper giving my full name etc. & am

Yours very faithfully

A.M.W. Downing

G. E. Lumsden Esq.

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18960427 Downing

Nautical Almanac Office

3, Verulam Buildings

Gray's Inn, W. C.

27 April 1896

Dear Sir,

I am in receipt of your letter of 15th inst. in which you inform me that you have been directed to intimate to me that the Astronomical and Physical Society of Toronto would be gratified if permitted to elect me to Honorary Membership therein, & to ascertain whether I would accept such membership.

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18961121 Wesley


1896 Nov. 21.

Dear Sir

With reference to your letter of enquiry with regard to vols. 50 and 51 of the Monthly Notices, I am requested to inform you that the Council will permit the Astronomical Society of Toronto to purchase these vols. at half price; viz. 6s/3 and 5s/0 respectively.

I am dear Sir

Yours very truly

W.H. Wesley.

Asst. Sec.

The Secretary
Astronomical & Physical Society of

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18960405 Hull

U of C. Chicago. April 5. 96

My dear Lindsay–

I have written out from memory and, at first, for my own sake these notes of a paper by Prof Michelson on the X rays. Since writing them out I have thought that the members of the Astronomical and Physical Society would be interested in the views of such an eminent Physicist as Prof Michelson. I therefore have pleasure in letting you have the very incomplete and perhaps in some places inaccurate synopses of these views.

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18960319 Hale



CHICAGO, March 19 1896

Mr. G. E. Lumsden

Cor. Secretary Astronomical and Physical Society

Dear Sir,

      I have received and read with great interest the volume of Transactions for 1895. I congratulate the Society on this substantial evidence of its activity and progress.

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18960316 Pickering

Harvard College Observatory,

Cambridge, U. S. March 16th 1896.


I have the honor to gratefully acknowledge the following work presented to the Library of the Harvard College Observatory:—

Transactions, for the year 1895, including sixth annual report.

Please accept my sincere thanks for this mark of your consideration, and believe me,

Very respectfully yours,

Edward C. Pickering, Director.

To the secretary of the
Astronomical & Physical Society of Toronto.

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18960123 Downing

Nautical Almanac Office,

3, Verulam Buildings,

Gray's Inn, W.C.

23 January 1896

Dear Sir,

In reply to your letter of 13th inst. I beg to say that I am sending you Nautical Almanacs 1896-99 inclusive, and have put the Society on our Distribution List for future issues.

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18951217 Pickering



Dec. 17, 1895.

Dear Sir,

Your letter of Dec. 13 is at hand. I have pleasure in sending to the Astronomical and Physical Society of Toronto copies of three circulars recently issued by this Observatory, and also two prints from photographs of the cluster Messier 5, taken at an interval of two hours, and showing variations in the brightness of several stars. A few of these, in which the variation is particularly striking are marked upon the prints.

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18951014 ASW

Astronomical Society of Wales.


14 Oct. 95

G. E. Lumsden Esq

Dear Sir,

      I am directed by the President of this Society to forward you a complete list of our Journals to date and to say that they will be duly sent you month by month in exchange for your valued publication.

      Should you not receive any copy afer a reasonable time, kindly advise me.

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18950715 Espin


Circular No.42

A Red III Type star, Mag. 8·4 not in Südl.

D.M. was detected here last night

at R.A.XIXh. 52·4m. Decl.—2.º 11' (1900)

Probably a new Var.

Es.1021 is also probably Var.

T. E. Espin

July 15 1895

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