Balfour Musson

Balfour Musson 1900s

Photo published in JRASC, 1917.

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Balfour Musson

(1865-1947) Society President (1908-09).

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1899 Musson

scope diagram

A sketch of the Collins brothers' "Monoplane Achromatic Telescope", from Musson in Knowledge 1900 November 1, 252 (star on the right added for clarity)



{Achromatism} and other forms of optical instruments

To the Editor of

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Early Star Party

On the lawn of Mr. D.J. Howell, Lambton Mills, Ont. (About 1900).

L to R: Z.M. Collins (with hat on), Visitor, A. Horton, A. Elvins (in front), W.B. Musson, Visitor, Miss M.A. Howell, Mrs. Musson, Mrs. Webber, J. Webber, Miss McEachren (in white), J.E. Maybee, J.A. Paterson, D.J. Howell (side view), Miss Eva C. Howell, G.G. Pursey (blurred).

Published in JRASC, 25, 233 (1931).

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