Peter Jedicke

Hyperactive London Centre member. Service Award 1984. National President (19??-??).

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Roy Bishop

Longtime physicist at Acadia University, active on National Council. Handbook editor (1982-2000). Service Award 1988.

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Christopher Spratt

A horticulturist and active asteroid, comet and variable star observer. Chilton Prize 1983, Chant Medal 1988.

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Peter Broughton

Toronto Centre member, active on National Council, author of Looking Up. Service Award 1987.

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Jack Newton

Victoria Centre member and avid astrophotographer, speaker, writer. Chant Medal 1989.

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Presidents Award 2014

L to R: Glenn Hawley, Rob Dick.

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President's Award 2013

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Topham Small Refractor

Bert Topham's small refractor, as it appeared circa 2010.  Photo courtesy of Lynn Kirk.

This may be Robert Ridgeway's 3-inch telescope, which Topham purchased about 1930 in Whitevale, Ontario from Ridgeway's daughter (see JRASC v35, p.92).

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105 Regent St - Back

105 Regent Street, Toronto (rear view) as it appeared in 2010.

Bert Topham's first dome, Topham's Top which he purchased second-hand and trucked across Toronto, was perched above the sunroom (see Scientific American, November 1937).

Photo courtesy of Lynn Kirk.

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105 Regent St - Front

105 Regent Street, Toronto as it appeared in 2010.  John Pilkington and Bert Topham built this house.  Bert's first observatory, "Topham's Top," was perched above a sunroom at the rear of this house. Photo courtesy of Lynn Kirk.

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