GA 1993 #09

Roy Bishop speaks.

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GA 1993 #08

Front row: Walter MacDonald, Leo Enright.

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GA 1993 #07

Mike Watson speaks.

In the background are Terry Hicks (l) and Peter Broughton (r).

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GA 1993 #06

Frank Shepley (Windsor), Jack Newton (Victoria) at the GA.

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GA 1993 #05

Treasurer Terry Hicks speaks.

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GA 1993 #04

The RASC Executive (l to r): Terry Hicks (Treasurer), Peter Broughton (President), ?, Rosemary Freeman (Executive Secretary), Mary Anne Harrington (Recorder).

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GA 1993 #03

Voting at the annual meeting.

Front row: Walter MacDonald (l), Leo Enright (r).  Next row back: Jack Newton, Ruth Lewis, Damien Lemay.

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GA 1993 #02

Patrick Kelly (Halifax) speaks.

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GA 1993 #01

Chant Medal winners (l to r): Jack Newton, Mary Lou Whitehorne, David Levy, Damien Lemay.

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Survey 1993 Results

Partial Results

These are the results I showed at the 1993 October 8 Kingston Centre meeting. I have only tabulated results for the yes/no type questions. Questions involving the respondent to estimate percentages, or give ideas, or other word-type answers, I did not analyze (too much work!). One exception is question 70B (what organizations do you contribute astronomical data to). Here I sifted through and tabulated the responses, since I was particularly interested in this question.—WM.

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