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Leo Enright 19891020

Leo Enright's introduction to Clyde Tombaugh's lecture in Kingston on 1989 October 20.

The text of this introduction was published in the October 2010 issue of Regulus.

A report of the meeting was published in the January 1990 issue of Regulus.

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GA 1989 Info

Information on the 1989 GA in Cape Breton:

  • The GA
  • The Cape Breton Astronomical Society
  • Canadian Coast Guard College
  • How to Get to Sydney
  • Accommodation
  • Registration Fee
  • Papers
  • Exhibits
  • Schedule
  • King of the Skies (poem)
  • Unofficial GA Photo


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GA 1989 Programme

Schedule for the 1989 GA in Cape Breton.

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Steve Dodson 1989

Steve Dodson speaks at the 1989 General Assembly. Photo by Joe Yurchesyn (Halifax Centre), supplied by John Howell.

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GA Group Photo - 1989

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GA Graphic - 1989

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