Roy Bishop

Longtime physicist at Acadia University, active on National Council. Handbook editor (1982-2000). Service Award 1988.

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Christopher Spratt

A horticulturist and active asteroid, comet and variable star observer. Chilton Prize 1983, Chant Medal 1988.

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Peter Broughton

Toronto Centre member, active on National Council, author of Looking Up. Service Award 1987.

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Jack Newton

Victoria Centre member and avid astrophotographer, speaker, writer. Chant Medal 1989.

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Herbert Fox

Served on Hamilton Centre council for 38 years. Service Award 1968.

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Brochure 1989

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Leo Enright 19891020

Leo Enright's introduction to Clyde Tombaugh's lecture in Kingston on 1989 October 20.

The text of this introduction was published in the October 2010 issue of Regulus.

A report of the meeting was published in the January 1990 issue of Regulus.


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Bart Bok 1981

Bart Bok in early January of 1981, with the plaque representing his honorary membership in the RASC.

Photo taken by Peter Jedicke at Bok's house in Tucson, AZ.

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Alfred Scott

(1904-90) Observer and Toronto Centre member. Received the Service Award in 1979.

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Harlan Creighton

(1946-2004) An educator and active member of the Toronto Centre. Received the Service Award in 1981.

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