Isabel Williamson

(1907-2000) An active member of the Montreal Centre and the driving force behind the observing programs there from the 1940s through the 1960s.

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Helen Hogg

(1905-93) A well-known DDO astronomer (specializing in globular cluster variables) and popularizer of astronomy. She wrote an astronomy column in The Toronto Star for 30 years. Served as President (1957-58) and Honorary President (1977-81) of the Society.

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Alice Douglas

(1894-1988) Professor of Astronomy and Dean of Women at Queen's University (1939-63). She studied Physics under Sir Arthur Eddington and later wrote his biography. President of the Society (1943-44) and founder of the RASC Kingston Centre in 1961.

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Peter Millman

(1906-90) Dominion Observatory/NRC astronomer with an interest in meteors; RASC President (1960-62).

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Cyril Clark

(1912-) Treasurer of the Society (1970-76) and Chair of the Property Committee (1972-77).

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Marie Fidler

(?-1996) Executive Secretary of the RASC (1958-72).

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John Heard

(1907-76) Director of the David Dunlap Observatory (1951-65), RASC President (1953-54).

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Helen Hogg on TVO

Audio recordings of Helen Hogg's appearances on TV Ontario, circa 1970.  Courtesy Randy Attwood.

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Malcolm Thomson

(1908-2002) RASC National President (1966-1968) during Canada's Centenary, Chief of the Positional Astronomy and Time Service (1957-1966), and Chief of the Astronomy Division (1966-1970) at the Dominion Observatory. When the DO closed, he became head of the NRC's Time and Frequency Section of the Physics Division (for more information, see http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2002BAAS...34.1385H.) —RAR

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Helen Hogg 1976

CFRB 1010 "LET'S DISCUSS IT" program

GUEST: DR. HELEN S. HOGG, Astronomer




AIRED: 18 JULY, 1976

Will the Viking probe, now preparing to land on Mars, establish the possibility of life on that planet? Ladies and gentlemen, let's discuss it.

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