GA 1962 Survey

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GA Plans 1962

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Call for Papers 1962

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Aluminizing Apparatus

This photo appeared in R.A.S.C. Papers- An Amateur's Aluminizing Apparatus (JRASC, Dec. 1962, p.251).

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Hamilton Members 1962

RASC Hamilton Centre members Frank Schneider, Grant Vansickle, B.R. Guthrie in 1962.

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Kennedy and Roper

J.E. Kennedy and E.E. Roper (Mayor of Edmonton) on 1962 May 18.

This photo appeared in JRASC with the following caption:

His Worship the Mayor of Edmonton, Dr. E.E. Roper, receives his membership card and lapel pin from the National Secretary, Mr. J.E. Kennedy.

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Helm Fund Presentation

J.E. Kennedy watches as RASC President Ruth Northcott presents
the first cheque from the Walter Helm Endowment Fund
to DDO DirectorJ.F. Heard, July 11, 1962.

(This photo appeared in Looking Up, p.79.)

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A PDF is provided of the bitmap scan of this document at the bottom of this page. The text of this document appears immediately below.


                 COMET AND NOVA SECTION

May 5, 1962.

PROGRESS REPORT to the General Assembly of the Royal Astronomical
Society of Canada, held in Edmonton, Alberta on May 18-19, 1962.

        To date, I have sent out two bulletins and three announcements
to all Centres of the Society.  To date, I have received replies from
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GA 1962 Papers

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GA 1962 Postcard

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