GA 1960 #08

L to R: Isabel Williamson, Vern Ramsay, Constantine Papacosmas, Geoff Gaherty, David Stills.

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GA 1960 #06

Foreground: E. E. Bridgen, ?
Standing: Miriam Burland?, Ian McLennan, Mario ?, George Wedge, Frank DeKinder, ?, Dorothy Yane, ?, Mme. J. P. Jean?

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GA 1960 #04

Standing, l to r: C.S. Beals, F. Troyer?, Charles Good, Helen Hogg, Ruth Northcott, Andrew McKellar, Fleurange Laforest, A. R. McLennan, Dorothy Yane, Frank DeKinder, Katherine Zorgo, ?, A. Vibert Douglas?, Isabel Wiliamson, E. E. Bridgen?.

Seated at far right: Mrs. Good.

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GA 1960 #03

Dr. McKellar (1910-60) at the 1960 GA.  Obituary in JRASC (August 1960).

Photo (scanned from duplicate slide) by Constantine Papacosmos.

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C.H. Clark Scope

Lethbridge, 1960 Sept 27.

Homemade Equatorial with Mrs. Clark in charge.

The setting circles are made from sheet aluminum. The gears are steel worm and gears made from sheet brass held in contact by spring tension.

Good seeing,


CH Clark

1788-10th Ave. S., Alta.

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Comet Burnham

Comet Burnham, photographed by H.N.A. Maclean (Niagara) on 1960 May 2 (22:33-22:38 EST) with an 8 f/8 reflector, 250x.

This image is from the RASC Comet and Nova Section Archive. [View Source]

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GA 1960 #02

General Assembly, Montreal, April 8-9, 1960.

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GA 1960 #01

General Assembly, Montreal, April 8-9, 1960.

L to R: Andrew McKellar (National President), Katherine Zorgo (Montreal Centre), Helen Hogg, Dorothy Yane (Montreal Centre).

Notes from Geoff Gaherty (2012):

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19600309 Fidler

1960 Mar 9: Letter from Marie Fidler to G. Bakos

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19600301 Bakos

1960 Mar 1: Letter from G. Bakos to J.E. Kennedy

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