Observer's Handbook 1949


The Handbook for 1949 is the 41st issue. During the past decade its circulation has increased from 1500 to 5500. This year, for the second time, some advertisements of astronomical accessories are inserted. The Officers of the Society appreciate this assistance at the present time of financial difficulty. With regret the price has been raised to 40 cents.

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McMaster Planetarium Opening

On 5 November 1949 the original planetarium at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario was publicly opened for the first time.  Armand Spitz, whose Spitz Laboratories had supplied the Model A-1 projection system, was a guest at the opening and spoke about 'The Value of Astronomy to the Layman.' Members of the Hamilton, Guelph and Toronto RASC centres, as well as the national RASC president Andrew Thomson, were also present. At the time, the dome above the projector was only a parachute hung from the ceiling, but the system was improved many times over the following years.

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F.S. Hogg

This is none other than Frank Scott Hogg, Ph.D. (Harvard), Professor of Astronomy, etc, etc, and also the husband of Helen Hogg. I am sure you can find an obituary in the Journal [JRASC 45,1]. Frank had a weak heart and died prematurely in 1949, I believe -- otherwise he would have been the third Director of DDO. It is a good picture of him, showing his piercing but firendly eyes.

Photo by R. Northcott, Nov. 1950. Note by D.A. MacRae, 1998.

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