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Elvins AutoBiography

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Autobiography of Andrew Elvins.  There are three sections in this document:

  1. Autobio dictated by Mr. Elvins to L.H. Graham in 1904.
  2. Autobio dictated by Mr. Elvins to C.A. Chant in 1913 (transcription of #3).
  3. Original Shorthand version of #2.

The text of these autobiographies appear on the two pages following this one.

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Meteor Procession 1913

Meteor Procession 1913

The Great Meteor Procession (GMP) of 1913 February 9 was one of the most remarkable astronomical events to be inscribed in the astronomical record. That evening (ca. 21:05 EST at Toronto) the sky lit up with a procesison of slowly moving meteors (NW to SE). Estimates in reports state there were anywhere from 3 to 50 separate groups of meteors, with the number of meteors ranging from 15 up to the 1000s.

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