Asbury, H.E.S. #1

Note (1992) from George Ascroft, Recording Secretary of the Montreal Centre:

My neighbour, Mrs. Frances Jamieson, loaned me the originals and due to the photographic skills of our president, Louie Bernstein, the copies I am sending are identical with the originals.

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Marsh, Rev. D.B.

Rev. D.B. Marsh, an active observer and promoter of astronomy with the Guelph, Peterboro, and Hamilton Centres.

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RASC National Office

The RASC's headquarters has moved around Toronto over the years:

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Eclipse, Solar - 19050830

Several RASC members were part of an expedition to observe this eclipse in Labrador. Two photo albums still survive from this expedition.

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Eclipse, Solar - 19000528

The path of totality passed through USA, Spain, and Portugal.

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Naval Party

Standing left to right: Sinclair, Hutchins, Barker, Cushing, Kenny. Sitting: Rhodes, Com. Quick, Starling, Kean.

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H.R. Kingston Diploma

H.R. Kingston's high school diploma from Picton High School, dated October 16, 1902.

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H.R. Kingston 1917

H.R. Kingston.  Photo taken December, 1917.

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Correspondence 1903-07

Page(s) Date Correspondent
1 4 Oct 1903 Sociedad Astronomica de Mexico
2 24 Nov 1903 A.L. Danard, M.D.
3 23 Nov 1904 Geological Survey of Canada
4 7 Jul 1906 J.T.W. Claridge (England)
6 20 Aug 1906 Observatoire Royal de Belgique
7 1 Sep 1906 McGill University
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Correspondence 1908

Page(s) Date Correspondent
1-3 3 Jan 1908 W.F. King (DO)
4 7 Jan 1908 R.E.W. Brady
5-8 10 Jan 1908 J. Kavanaugh, S.J. (Loyola College)
9-10 12 Jan 1908 Herman S. Davis (post card)
11-14 13 Jan 1908 W.F. King (DO)
15-17 14 Jan 1908 J.S. Plaskett
18 14 Jan 1908
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