18940224 Pickering


Cambridge, Feb. 24, 1894

G. E. Lumsden Esq.
Toronto, Canada

Dear Sir,

As it usually takes about two months to write to Peru and receive an answer, I have just received your favor of Dec. 26, which has been forwarded to me here. In reply to it I may say it will give me great pleasure to become a Corresponding Member of your Society. Thanking you for the honor ??? me, I remain,

Very truly yours,

W. H. Pickering

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18940220 Ball


20 Feb 94

Dear Sir,

I am much gratified by the distinction conferred on me by the Astronomical & Physical Society of Toronto.

I accept with much pleasure the position of an honorary member.

I remain

Yours truly

Robert S. Ball

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18940128 Hale

Schoeneberger Strasse 12 II
Berlin, Jany 28, 1894.

G. E. Lumsden, Esq.
Cor. Sec'y Astronomical and Physical Society
of Toronto, Canada

Dear Sir

      Thank you for your very kind letter of Dec. 26, it has only just reached me by way of Chicago.

      Please convey to the Society my thanks for its offer to elect me a Corresponding Member. I highly appreciate the honor thus shown me, and shall take pleasure in accepting the relationship in case the election is made.

      Regretting my inability to reply earlier, I am

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18940125 Darwin

Jan 25.


Dear Mr. Lumsden

I feel highly honoured by my election to the Astronomical Society of Toronto. I suppose my description should be George Howard Darwin M.A. Plumian Professor of Astronomy & Fello wof Trinity College Cambridge LL.D. (glasgow) D.Sc. (Dublin) Dr. Phil. Nat. (Padua) F.R.S.; F.R.A.S.

Of course I belong to a few other Societies, but they are not worth putting down.

I remain

Yours very truly

G.H. Darwin

G.E. Lumsden Esq

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18940122 Pickering

Harvard College Observatory
Cambridge, Mass.

Jan 22, 1894

My dear Sir

      Your letter of January 12 announcing my election as an Honourary Member of the Astronomical and Physical Society of Toronto is duly received. Please convey to the Society my sincere thanks for this honour.

      In answer to your questions my full name is edward Charles Pickering. My own preference would be for the omission of all letters after my name, but if you wish to add any, I presume that LL.D. will be sufficient with the title Director of Harvard College Observatory.

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18940117 Keeler

Allegheny Observatory,
Allegheny, Pennsylvania.
Jan 17, 1894

G. E. Lumsden, Esq.
Corresponding Secretary of the
Astronomical and Physical Society of Toronto.

My Dear Mr. Lumsden,

I beg that you will convey to the members of the Society my most sincere thanks for the honor they have done me in electing me to honorary membership, and to assure them of my appreciation of this mark of their esteem.

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18940112 Ball

Some of Robert S. Ball's books are available as free downloads from gutenberg.org.


12 Jan 94

Dear Sir

      Owing to my absence from home I was unable to reply sooner to your very kind letter of the 20th inst.

      I shall indeed be proud to accept the very honourable distinction you propose to confer on me. I esteem it a very high compliment & I only wish I felt more worthy of it.

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18940101 Darwin

January 1st, 1894.


My dear Sir,

      I shall have much pleasure in accepting this Honorary Membersihp of the Toronto Astronomical and Physical Society if my nomination is accepted by the Society. I beg leave to thankt he Society in advance for the honour which they propose to confer on me.

I beg leave to remain
Yours very faithfully

G.H. Darwin

G.E. Lumsden, Esq.

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1894 Hale

Kenwood Observatory,
University of Chicago.

Dear Sir:

      I have the honor to acknowledge with thanks, the receipt of your valuable donation to the Library of the Kenwood Observatory,

Transactions of the Astronomical and Physical Society of Toronto for the year 1893 Including fourth annual report

Very respectfully yours

George E. Hale


by E.

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TAPST 1894

Transactions of the Astronomical and Physical Society of Toronto, for the year 1894, including fifth annual report.

600 dpi DJVU file with searchable text.

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