18910515 Espin

Tow Low

1891 May 15

Dear Sir,

I have the honour to acknowledge your letter of May 4, + send you herewith the report of the Observatory for 1890.

I am very interested to hear that you have started an Astronomical Society at Toronto + sincerely trust it may be a success.

Your society has been entered on the Circular List of this observatory, so that you will receive directly teh circulars announcing any discoveries made here.

Believe me

Yours Sincerely

T.E. Espin

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18910331 Tetans

Sternwarte Bothkamp Holstein

1893 Märr 31.

Dear Sir,

I received your letter of the 14th with the two attempts you made in vain.

Bothkamp not beeing a post office station it seems not to bee striking that your kind efforts provided only with the supplement of, Germany — did not succeed.

In Holstein this observatory is known by any one.

My antecessor, unfortunately, have not secured a stock of the Bothkamp publications and so there is but one complete copy of the 3 volumes in our library.

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18910129 Kedzie

Office of J. H. Kedzie,
No. 6 Kedzie's Building,
Nos. 120 & 122 Randolph Street.—
Chicago, Ill. Jan 29th 1891

D.J. Howell Esq.
My Dear Sir

        Yours of the 17th came duly to hand. I accept gratefully the high honor of being Elected a Corresponding Member of the Astronomical & Physical Society of Toronto. I will send you a copy of the work mentioned in the Enclosed slip for the use of the Society. Accept my thanks.

Yours very truly

J.H. Kedzie

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1891 Wilson

Spadina Crescent

Jany, 13th '91

Lady Wilson begs to thank the Astronomical + Physical Society of Toronto for their kind sympathy expressed in their resolution communicated to her on the occasion of the lamedted death of Sir Adam Wilson. She can assure the members of the Society that she feels most grateful to them and that she will always take a deep interest in the future proceedings + welfare of the Society.

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1891 Browning

My dear Sir,

In reply to your kind letter of the 6th of December, I regret exceedingly that the number of my engagements prevents me from writing you a short paper as I should wish to do on the use of small apertures by amateurs in astronomy.

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Prominences 1891

Sketches of solar prominences 1891 July 19 at 7h 30m, and three hours later.

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Sunspot 1891 Feb 13

A sunspot group on 1891 February 19th at 13:30, as sketched by A.F. Miller.

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APST Minutes 1891

Minutes of the Astronomical and Physical Society of Toronto (APST).

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Jupiter Sketch 1891


This sketch was made on 1891 September 20 by society member G. E. Lumsden.

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