Samuel Clare 1800s

Samuel Clare, one of the original seven members of the Toronto Astronomical Club in 1868.

Photo published in JRASC, 1917.

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Charles Sparling 1890s

Charles P. Sparling, Charter Member (1890) and General Treasurer.

Published in JRASC, 1917.

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Earliest Society Bylaws

A transcription of this document is provided below. A photo of this document appeared in JRASC, (35) 89 along with this note:

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TAS 1880s #2

At Mr. Howell's house, 218 Bleecker Street, Toronto. (About 1888).  The object shown on the table is a Wimshurst influence machine made by Mr. Moore.  With this machine and Leyden jars, they were able to get a spark about 13 inches long, which they photographed.

Left to right: Mr. Baters, A. Elvins, A.F. Miller, G.G. Pursey, W.J. Moore.

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TAS 1880s

Photograph taken at a meeting of the Toronto Astronomical Society (probably 1888).  This meeting was held at the home of Samuel E. Roberts, 1 Avenue Street (a short street that ran from the head of Elizabeth Street to University Avenue), Toronto.

From left to right: G.G. Pursey, A. Elvins, S. Roberts, D.J. Howell, A.F. Hunter, A.F. Miller.

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Meredith Seal 1897

A recreation of Edmund A. Meredith's 1897 candidate for a new seal of the Astronomical & Physical Society of Toronto. Recreation by Randall Rosenfeld.

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Harvey Seal 1897

A recreation of Arthur Harvey's 1897 candidate for a new seal of the Astronomical & Physical Society of Toronto. Recreation by Randall Rosenfeld.

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1890s Circular APST

Circular of the Astronomical and Physical Society of Toronto (APST).

The exact year of issue is not known.




Cha[r]les Carpmael Esq., M.A., F.R.A.S.,

Director Toronto Observatory,         President.


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Wolsingham Oby Report



During the Spring the revision of the proofs of the last pages of the new edition of the "Red Stars" was completed, and this work, which has been carried on since 1886, has been published by the Royal Irish Academy.

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Great Comet of 1882?

R.A. Rosenfeld (RASC Archivist) and Clark Muir (KW Centre)

Unidentified comet in starfield, anon., late 19th-early 20th century. Watercolours on black paper. 6.5''x7.69''. There are no annotations on the image or the page on which it is mounted to aid in the identification of either the comet, or the artist, and no details of the instrument used (if any), or the circumstances of the observation. The image is quite competently done, and is comparable to similar Victorian and Edwardian images of comets.

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