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Crater Information


Doug Hube - from Stardust, Oct. 1970

One result of the numerous space probes which have circumnavigated the Moon during recent years has been the discovery and mapping of previously unknown craters, particularly on the far side of the Moon. During the past three years, a special committee established by the International Astronomical Union has been selecting names for these newly discovered features. It was decided that the craters should be named after distinguished scientists and astronauts who are no longer living, with six exceptions. Those six exceptions are the astronauts of Apollo 3 and Apollo 11. Of the approximately 500 people whose names will be attached to lunar craters six were leading Canadian scientists. These six, and the positions of "their" craters are as follows:-

C.A. Chant
(1865-1956) 41S, 110W. First Director of the David Dunlap Observatory and, for many years, editor of the publications of this society.
J.S. Foster
(1890-1964). 23N, 142W. Professor of Physics at McGill University.
F.S. Hogg
(1904-1951). 34N, 122E. Former director of the David Dunlap Observatory.
A. McKellar
(1910-1960). 16S, 171W. Astronomer at the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory, Victoria. Noted for his work on molecular spectra.
R.M. Petrie
(1906-1966). 45N, 108E. Director of the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory and Dominion Astronomer, noted for his work on the luminosities of B-type stars.
J.S. Plaskett
(1865-1941) 82N, 175E. Former director of the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory, noted for his work on the rotation of our Galaxy.
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