Asteroid (3673) Levy [Winchester Observatory image] This is a list of asteroids whose names are known to have a Canadian connection, usually because they are named after a Canadian.

This resource was created by Peter Jedicke, and is now curated by Eric Briggs. Where the citation given here expands upon the official citation, the added material was edited by either Peter or Eric, who are solely responsible for any errors or omissions. Note that for some asteroids, particularly more recent designations, the short, official citation is included on JPL's orbit applet page.

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Number Name Designation Discovery Discoverer Observatory
31903 Euniceyou 2000 GK26 2000-04-05 LINEAR Socorro
31902 Raymondwang 2000 GN19 2000-04-05 LINEAR Socorro
31901 Amitscheer 2000 GU18 2000-04-12 LINEAR Socorro
31899 Adityamohan 2000 GG7 2000-04-04 LINEAR Socorro
31897 Brooksdasilva 2000 FT49 2000-03-30 LINEAR Socorro
31556 Shatner 1999 EP5 1999-03-13 Tucker, R.A. Goodricke-Pigott
31282 Nicoleticea 1998 FD35 1998-03-20 LINEAR Socorro
31281 Stothers 1998 FK34 1998-03-20 LINEAR Socorro
31276 Calvinreider 1998 FG28 1998-03-20 LINEAR Socorro
31272 Makosinski 1998 FE18 1998-03-20 LINEAR Socorro


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