Bulletin No. 12

                             PLANETARY SECTION

GREETINGS fellow planetary observers! Since the last bulletin was issued, winter set
in and I was expecting a corresponding drop in the number of observations received.
However, this is not the case! Evidently many of you are using anti-freeze for blood,
as we have been getting a good number of mid-winter observations.

Only three Centres have not as yet become involved in our program. Recently, I received
letters reporting revivals or births of observing programs in St.John's and London. This
is most encouraging!

Remember ... your scientifically recorded observations are needed; refer to Bulletin No.9
for procedures.

MERCURY and VENUS:  These planets are very close to the sun during the first part of
           1970. We will be requiring observations of Venus, though, as soon as

JUPITER:   We cannot stress too strongly the value of accurate timings of the phenomena
           of Jupiter's satellites. Our professional colleagues have requested these.
           The surface features on Jupiter are always changing and thus should be kept
           under constant scrutiny. Remember that all of us are involved in the dis-
           covery that the South Equatorial Belt appears to vary in intensity in connec-
           tion with the orbital position of Callisto. More observations are needed
           desperately .. please!

SATURN:    We have received a good number of observations of Saturn with magnitude
           estimates of the satellites - this is good, as some of them appear to be
           variable. There has been an outbreak of white spots on Saturn (see January
           issue of "Sky and telescope").  Your intensity estimates of the bands, belts
           and rings of Saturn are needed, especially in this time of turbulence in
           Saturn's atmosphere.

URANUS:    Could some of our observers with 12.5" scopes (and larger) begin a program
           on Uranus?

MARS:      I have Just completed an analysis of observations of Mars for 1969. A map
           has been produced from your observations, which is of reasonably good
           calibre. It is hoped to have the report on Mars printed in the JOURNAL or
           the new national "newsletter".

A Happy New Year with clear skies to you all!
                                                         Kenneth E. Chilton,
                                                        National Co-ordinator,
                                                         Planetary Section,
3 February, 1970/                            93 Currie Street, Hamilton 57, Ontario
Planetary Section Bulletin No. 12
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