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                                  The O.A.A. STAR

Volume I, No. 2                                        January 8, 1967.

     Our circulation has been doubled for this second issue of our paper, so
that now all members of the club can benefit from its contents. Since many
of you cannot attend our meetings this newsletter serves, or, at least, should
serve as the most important binding force within the group. Perhaps it will
spur some of you to take a more active interest in the club and in astronomy.


     As of December 31, 1966, there will occur at general meetings no discussion
of old business and/or new business. From then on, all general meetings will
be strictly astronomical. At the meeting held on that date, at which Carl
Jorgensen, Steve Ashe, Kenny Wiener, David levy, and Arnie Baker, President,
were present, the following resolution was passed:

     "All old business and new business will be discussed only at executive
     or special meetings.
     "An executive meeting consists of three or more members of the executive.
     "A special meeting consists of four or more members of the O.A.A.
     "Any member who doesn't approve of any statute passed at an executive
     meeting may call and attend another executive meeting to rediscuss the
     "General meetings will follow this procedure ( to annul the procedure
     now in our constitution).
          1.) Call to order.
          2.) Talk and/or discussion relating to astronomy.
          3.) Adjournment. "

     It can be seen that this bylaw has far-reaching implications, in that
members and visitors planning on attending any astronomy meeting will receive
just that. It is not the purpose of this club to teach young people the methods
of political debate; rather, members want to learn as much astronomy as possible
from the organization.
     Notice that the executive cannot, by this bylaw, obtain dictatorial cont-
rol of the organisation.  If enough members want a law annuled they can do
so at executive or at special meetings.  At executive meetings they wuold
have to persuade the officers to vote it down but at a special meeting the
membership could vote the law itself.  And general meetings will deal solely
with astronomy.
     Remember that this newsletter will publish letters pertaining to this
subject.  The Editor's address appears at the end of this issue.  Four cents
stamp in the city; five cents outside.


     Steve E. Ashe, who attended his second meeting on December 31, was
voted a member of the Organization of Amateur Astronomers.
     Steve is, to put it rather mildly, an active observer.  During 1966 he
was active in variable star observing, messier hunting(he has seen over half
the list), meteor shower observing and aurora checking.  His many meteor
watches have made him the envy of some of his peers.  (Continued on page 2.)
The O.A.A. Star