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Across the country, interest has centred on the Comet Ikeya-Seki; a great deal of press
and radio coverage has been given to this celestial object but it has remained elusive for
most Canadian observers. Jim Low, Co-ordinator of the Comet and Nova Section, issued
two timely announcements giving the ephemeris. We have learned of only two sightings of
this ocenet by our members Ä Mr. Hugh Maclean of Niagara Falls Centre, and Mr. F. Schneider
of the Hamilton Centre.

Members of the R.A.S.C. will have an opportunity to see a eproduction of the model of the
McLaughlin Planetarium for Toronto in the December issue of the JOURNAL. We have learned
that the new Director of the Queen Elizabeth Planetarium in Edmonton will be Mr. David A.
Rodgor, a past president of the Saskatoon Astronomical Society. We wish Mr. Ian McLennan
every success as Director of the new planetarium in Rochester, N.Y. - while he will be
missed the Edmonton Centre, his closer geographical location to the National Office
should prove valuable.

Our National President, Dr. K.O. Wright, has been addressing meetings Of several Centres;
he spoke to the Toronto Centre on October 15 on "The Chemistry of the Stars" and to a
special meeting Of the Hamilton Centre on October 20 on "The New Astronomy". After
attending the meetings of the National Committee for Canada of the I.A.U. in Ottawa, he
will visit London, Windsor, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec, Halifax,Niagara Falls and Vancouver.
To start this tour, very successful afternoon and evening meetings were hold in Saskatoon
where he also conferred with our Second Vice-President, Professor J.E. Kennedy.

Meetings of Centres have resumed after the summer; Edmonton Centre held their banquet
meeting on October 14 when Dr. L.A. Bayrock of the Alberta Research Council spoke on the
search for meteoritic materials.  The October 15 meeting of the Winnipeg Centre for
observation of the eclipsing variable Algol was under the direction of Dr. J.N.R. Scatliff.
Dr. Scatliff is also the instructor in astronomy for the 12-session course entitled Under
Winnipeg Skies" beginning on Sept ember 20 at the University of Manitoba.  Ottawa reported
that at their meeting on October 21 Dr. John A. Gait of the D.R.A.O. lectured on "Radio
Galaxies". Congratulations go to the Montreal Centre for the excellent booklet on their
Star Night held on September 30; their annual meeting wa, held on October 21, with
Dr. K.O. Wright as guest speaker. At the October meeting of the Victoria Centre,
Mr. E.E. Bridgen spoke on the importance of amateur work in astronomy.

Mr. J.R. Percy, the National Librarian, has received six satellite pictures from Ranger VU
and also the film of the Ranger VU photographs of the moon. With this Bulletin,
a copy Of "Films on Space" is enclosed, a catalogue of 16mm. films available from the
National Science Library Ottawa on a rental basis.

It is hoped that the Secretary of each Centre will return the pink sheet to the National
Office listing their slate of Officers fOr 1965-66 as soon as the annual meeting has been

The 1966 OBSERVER'S HANDBOOK should become available about the same time as last year -
November 20 - please advise me before then of the number of copies required by your Centre.

Marie Fidler	Norman Green
Administration Bulletin No. 21
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