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                                        411 Brixton Avenue
                                        St. Lambert, P.Q.
                                        January 25, 1964

Dear Mr. Gallant,

       Thank-you for your letter of January 16.  Enclosed are
the forms used with the Comet and Nova Section.  These should
be self-explanatory, but if you have any questions, please
let me know.  I am out of copies of the "Area" chart at the
moment.  This chart only shows the division of the sky into
areas about ten degrees square each, and is not required by
the individual observer when starting.  You may select any
area of the sky to search regularly with binoculars or a
telescope, or, you may make naked eye searches of the "dome"
if you have a fair knowledge of the stars.

       Since my letter of January 8, I have received information
on periodic comets visible during 1964.  Twelve such comets
will be "visible" during this year, but most of them are far too
faint for smaller telescopes.  Only Comet Encke will be an
easy object for a 4" telescope, and it will be visible during
June.  I will send out an announcement on this comet soon,
giving more details.

       Have you a star atlas?  Almost any kind can be used,
but I have favoured "Norton's" for beginners.  It is easy to
make a map of your area from this atlas, and fainter stars
can be added as you observe them.

                              Best regards, and good observing,

                                              Jim Low
                                              Comet and Nova Section
Letter to Reginald Gallant, PEI
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