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                   Standing Committee on Observational Activities
                    Programme for Solar Eclipse of July 20, 1963

Bulletin No. 8                                                       July 2, 1963

                                  ECLIPSE ROUNDUP

    In this final bulletin before the eclipse, we give a summary of plans being made
to observe it by members all across the country.

    When we undertook to plan and co-ordinate an eclipse programme for the amateurs
within our Society, we had no way of knowing what the resprise would be, but it has
certainly surpassed our expectations.   Our nailing list, Which began with ore con-
tact in each of the sixteen. Centres; has grown rapidly as a result of the special
bulletin to unattached members, the article in Our own JOURNAL and the article that
appeared in SKY AND TELESCOPE.   Everywhere we have met with the same enthusiasm,
and if everyone follows through with his plans we should achieve some worthwhile

    We realize that the attached list of participants is neither complete nor up to
date.   It is based on the latest correspondence at time of writing with each person
on our mailing list, but the picture changes from day to day as the mail continues to
come in.   It was our intention to include a brief outline of the observation pro-
gramme of each group but soon fount that this would make the bulletin much too lengthy.
However, by the use of such phrases as "organizing an expedition", "establishing a
field station", etc., we have tried to give some indication of the scOpe of the more
ambitious projects. We have not attempted to give the names of individuals comprising
the various groups for in most instances we do not have this information We hope,
however, that reports sent in to us after the eclipse will list all individuals who
have participated in any capacity so that full recognition can later be given to
everyone who has taken part.

    Once again we stress the value of every observation and once again we urge every-
one to send in complete reports of his observations.   If weather conditions are not
too favourable or if your efforts are not entirely satisfactory, salvage what you can
of your original programme and send in your reports.   If you have time to take a
picture or two of your equipment and your observing group, we would be glad to receive
these, too.

    We shall be eagerly awaiting your reports. Don't keep us in suspense, though,
until these are ready for mailing. Please send us a postcard or a telegram -
just to let us know whether you were successful or not.

                           The best of luck to all of you!

                                             THE 1963 SOLAR ECLIPSE COMMITTEE

                                             Kenneth Chalk
                                             Ella Dack
                                             Charles M. Good
                                             Isabel. Williamson, National Co-ordinator
5162 Belmore Avenue,
Montreal 29, Quebec.

Eclipse Bulletin No.8, cont'd.


Halifax         -  Organizing group to observe from southern tip of Nova Scotia
                   Some members going to Maine

Quebec          -  Organizing three field stations near Abitibi, Shawinigan and
                   U.S. border, with identical equipnent and programme

Centre Francais -  Organizing field station in neighbourhood of Grand'mere, Quebec
 de Montreal 

Montreal        -  Organizing three field stations - at Grand'mere, Plessisville and
                   Almaville, Quebec
                   Sponsoring special train from Montreal to Grand' mere
                   F.P. Morgan & Mrs. Morgan observing with AAVSO in Maine
                   M. Garon observing in Quebec
                   T. Topham observing in Quebec
                   B. Cockhill & family observing south of St. Lawrence
                   Dr. & Mlle J.P. Jean observing in Maine
                   M. Lazar & family observing in Quebec
                   B. Lapin organizing group to observe at Gentilly, Quebec
                   N.C. Nourse observing in Quebec
                   F. Friedmann organizing group of campers to observe in Quebec

Ottawa          -  Bill Dey organizing group to observe south of St. Lawrence

Toronto         -  Dr. & Mrs. Norman M. Wrong travelling to Quebec
                   Gordon Graham - plans unknown
                   Mrs. W. Arvisais taking Eclipse Special to Grand'mere
                   Robert B. Johnston travelling to Grand' mere
                   Timothy Brunton taking Eclipse Special to Grand' mere
                   Robert W. Baker & family traveling to Trots Rivieres
                   J.V. Scott organizing expedition to Moose River, Ontario
                   C. Colliss Williams plans unknown
                   R.V. Ransay & family joining Plessisville field station
                   A. Ostrander & family joining Plessiavifle field station
                   J. Ketchum plans unknown
                   Mrs. R. Jones & family taking Eclipse Special to Grand'mere
                   M. Fidler joining Plessisville field station
                   Miss E. Bain taking Eclipse Special to Grand'mere
Hamilton        -  S.J. Buntain & party joining Grand' mere field station
                   R.J. Livingstone & party traveling to Trois Rivieres
                   N.R. Seville travelling to Trots Rivieres
                   James Winger - plans unknown

Winnipeg           Organizing expedition by CNR to Wivenhoe, Manitoba

Edmonton        -  A. Stockwell & other members forming part of Hargreaves expedition
                   to Northwest Territories
                   Other members travelling to Hay River district

Vancouver       -  Observing partial phases

Victoria        -  George R. Ball & Mrs. Ball taking Eclipse Special to Grand'mere


Eclipse Bulletin No.8, cont'd.

Regina Astronomical Society           - organizing group to observe partial phases. Also
                                        has tentative plans to charter plane and fly north.

Saskatoon Astronomical Society        - tentative plans to join Regina Astronomical
                                        Society on chartered flight.

Wayne County Astronomical Society     - Organizing group to observe partial phases.
                                        Also tentative plans for group to travel to Quebec.


Alan D. Whitman, Riverview Heights, NB., joining Plessisville field station
Stanton J. Leahy, Goffstown, N.H., observing with Manchester Astronomical in Maine
Paul J. Slate, West Orange, N.J., observing in Maine
James Abraham, Indianapolis, Ind. - plans unknown
Dr. Stewart A. Brown, Saskatoon, Sask., travelling to Quebec

Rev. Walter J. Miller, New York, N.Y. - plans unknown
Robert C. Stevenson, Pocatella, Idaho, tentative plans to travel to Alaska or NWT
Maurice Bruce Stewart, Salem, Ore., travelling to Alaska
Bolton C. Price, Jackson, Miss.	- plans unknown
Clyde L. Ferguson, Charleston, W.Va., travelling to Maine

Clifford W. Davis, Abilene, Texas - plans unknown
Robert D. McAllister, Rossland, B.C., tentative plans to travel north
R. Stuart Cadwallader, Erie, Pa. - plans unknown
Arnold M. Duke & family, Befleville, Ont., observing near Bangor, Maine
Reinaldo Betancourt, Puerto Rico, joining Plessisville field station

Ralph E. Ettel, Sr., Medford, Ore. - plans unknown
Mrs. Lothar Eppstein, Lake Placid, N.Y., bringing group of campers to Quebec
Paul D. Ruskin, Bethel, Pa., tentative plans to travel to Beattyville, Quebec
Keith Knox, Regina, Sask., tentative plans to join Winnipeg Centre at Wivenhoe
Dr. Vaden W. Miles, Detroit, Mich. - plans unknown

Johan Toews, Regina, Sask ., camping and observing in Great Slave Lake region
David Fort, Belleville, Ont. - plans unknown
Dr. Shirley Jones & party joining Plessisville field station
Lawrence B. Nadeau, Gardner, Mass., observing from Maine or Quebec
V.C. Jones, St. Catharines, Ont. - plans unknown

K. H. Woodwack, Ottawa, Ont., observing in Quebec
Craig Johnson, Boulder, Cob., joining Plessisville field station
M.L. Wollock observing from R.C.A.F. station at Parent, Quebec
Charles B. Balleisen, Dallas, Tsicas, observing in Quebec south of St. Lawrence
Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Schnofl, W.Englewood, N.J., travelling to Quebec

Irene Sacks & family, Gillette, N.J., observing in Maine
Wesley C. Van Buren, ACIC, St.Louis, Mo., planning expedition but destination unknown
R. Erik Zimmernann & father, Forest Park, Ill., joining Plessisville field station
Urana Clarke, Barrington, R.I., observing in Maine
G.E. Welsher, Haddonfield, N.J., organizing group near Senneterre, Quebec


Eclipse Bulletin No.8, cont'd.

K.F. Powell, IBM, Poughkeepsie, N.Y., organizing group at Beattyville, Quebec
James E. Alexa, Monaca, Pa., observing partial phases
Carolyn Hurless, Lima, Ohio, observing with AAVSO in Maine
Rev. Charles Edward Coutu, Shawinigan Falls, Que. plans unknown
Dr. J. Raymond Hodkinaon, Rochester, N.Y., organized observations in Quebec

Katharine Pearce, Princeton, N.J., joining Plessisville field station
Gerald Fritzke, Calif., tentative plane to travel north
Alfred Segond, Orillia, Ont., organizing group to observe in Quebec
Paul Riherd, Lubbock, Texas, joining Pleasisville field station
Gilbert E. Hutchinson, Beaver, Pa., observing in Maine

Douglas Elliott, Brussels, Ont., observing partial phases
R.A. Hayes, Marlborough, England, taking Eclipse Special to Grand'mere
J W. Essex, Petersburg, Ont. - plans unknown
James A. Slemp, Adler Planetarium, organizing expedition to Newport, Maine
Dr. C. H. Cleminshaw, Los Angeles, Calif., travelling to Beattyville, Quebec

James Steffensen, Denmark, joining Winnipeg Centre at Wivenhoe
A.R. Constable, Ottawa, Ont. - plans unknown
John T. GOOdWin, Jr., Waltham, Mass., observing in Maine or Quebec
Barry John Hancock, Trenton, N.J., observing in Maine or Quebec
Richard H. Davis, Boston, Mass., observing with AAVSO in Maine
Mrs. Arnold Harvey, Waupaca, Wis. - plans unknown
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard G. Colby, Chicago, Ill., taking Eclipse Special to Grand' mere
Emmet C. Morton, Jr., Tic onderoga, N.Y. & friend, joining Grand'mere field station
Dr. M. Cixthno & colleagues from Rome, Italy, using facilities at Grand'mere field
                 station for their experiments

                              Wherever you go, watch for cars
                              flying the little blue R.A.S.C.

                                                   Isabel K. Williamson
                                                   National Coordinator 1963 Eclipse
                                                   5162 Belmore Avenue
                                                   Montreal 29, Quebec
Bulletin 8: Eclipse Roundup
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