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Bulletin No 5                                                          February 8, 1963.

Since the last Bulletin was published, there has been much activity in the Planetary
Section. Observations have been received from the Edmonton, Hamilton, Montreal, Niagara
Falls, Ottawa, Toronto, and Windsor Centres, as well as from C. H. Clark of Lethbridge,
Alta, and R. W. Gordon of Pen Argyl, Pa, U.S.A. Some of these observations are discussed
below. I am enclosing extra copies of this Bulletin to be distributed to all who have
contributed, plus a couple more to be circulated among "prospective customers". To. those
seeing this Bulletin for the first time, I will repeat that any suggestions for improving
the effectiveness of it or of the Planetary Section as a whole will be most welcome.

JUPITER   To date I have received 754 observations for 1962, a most encouraging total
          although not as good as last year's. The bulk of this work is from the
Montreal Centre, but this should not detract from the fine contributions of the Ottawa
and Windsor Centres and Mr Gordon. The following table gives some idea of the scope of
these observations (d = drawings, t = central meridian transits, i = intensity estimates,
c = conspicuousness estimates, s = timings of satellite phenomena; M = Montreal, 0 =
Ottawa, W = Windsor):

                          d  t   i  c  s TOT                        d  t   i  c  s TOT
   K. Brasch (M)          3 215  2     2 222     K. McNamara (M)    3         2      5
   W. Cahill (M)              7        1   8     P. Moore(M)           53           53
   F. DeKinder (M)       16   1     1     18     B. Neysmith (M)    2         2      4
   W. Dey (0)             7   7  7  7     28     L. Pohjola(W)      1      1  1  1   4
   L. Duchow (M)          2      1  1      4     R. Prezament (M)   3         3      6
   G. Gaherty (M)           111  1  1  4 117     A. Rae (W)         6         6     12
   R. Gordon             11  67           78     G. Wedge (M)       8  87     1  2  98
   M. Hastings-Trew (W)   2      2         4     D. Zackon (M)      6  39  6  6     57
   J. Low (M)             5   9  2     1  17     TOTAL             86 596 22 37 13 754

Not included in this table are the names of nine Montrealers and one Ottawan who
contributed fewer than four obsarvattons, and a number of others from Edmonton and
Montreal who made plottings of the positions of the four Galilean satellites. It is
hoped that there are observations yet to be reported since our coverage of some parts of
the apparition is sparse; observations during October and November are especially needed
to document the latest S.E.B. disturbance.

OCCULTATIONS OF   As was noted in the October Journal, Klaus Brasch and I succeeded in
AND BY SATURN     observing the occultation of the star B.D.-19°5925 by Saturn. Since no
                  other observations of this phenomenon were received, the results have
been forwarded to the A.L.P.0. and the B.A.A. for analysis. The occultation of Saturn by
the Moon on September 11 was observed by J. G. Craig and E. Ostrosser of the Hamilton
Centre and H. MacLean of the Niagara Falls Centre. The observations of Craig and MacLean
agree quite well and have been sent to the A.A.V.S.O.; Ostrosser had clock trouble.

MARS   This planet is again in the evening sky, and every effort should be made to
observe it in spite of its unfavorable aspect this year. Only a few observations
have boon received as yet. Drawings should be made in accordance with Instruction Sheet
No 1. Those should be accompanied where possible by intensity estimates and a separate
drawing of the planet seen through a red filter (prefersbly a Wratten 25). The observer
should not consult any maps during the apparition since these may influence his drawing.

                                            Geoffrey Gaherty, Jr, National Co-ordinator,
                                            Planetary Section, Stsnding Committee on
                                                 Observational Activities.
                                            2800 Hill Park Road, Montreal 25, Quebec.
                                            Tel.: 514-932-7465.

(Hand-written note: Thanks for the letter & Mars obs. I think you're
right on the date of the General Assembly. Geoff)
Planetary Section Bulletin No. 5
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