PLANETARY SECTION
Bulletin No 3                                                            April 5, 1962.

PROGRESS   Since Bulletin No 2 was published I have heard from four more Centres
REPORT     bringing the total participating to 11. The new contacts are as follows:

     Centre       Contact             Address

     Edmonton     Franklin Loehde     11542 65 St., Edmonton, Alta

     Toronto      L. A. Chester       12 Duggan Ave., Toronto 7, Ont.

     Victoria     Robert Peters       2371 Arbutus Rd, Victoria, B.C.

     Windsor      Arthur Rae, Jr      Renaud Line, R.R.#1, Belle River, Ont.

This and future Bulletins will be directed specifically at the representatives of the
participating Centres although they will contain some information which should be passed
on to other active observers in the group. Centres which publish newsletters have a
ready means of doing this; to my knowledge Calgary, Halifax, and Montreal have already
included information on the planetary program in their publications.

INSTRUCTIONS AND   Included with this Bulletin are sample copies of the first set of
REPORT FORMS       instructions and report forms which I have designed for the Section's
                   use. The "General Instructions" cover the use of Forms No 1 and 1-J
(no sample of the latter is included since it is identical to Form 1 except for the
addition of a suitable outline for drawing Jupiter). Form No 2 is for recording Jovian
satellite phenomena and should be self-explanatory. A number of Centres have shown
interest in these satellite observations, and because the work requires relatively
little training, it should appeal to a larger number of our members than will the full
program of making drawings, etc. This is an opportunity for anyone with a telescope to
make a useful contribution to astronomy.

Copies of the instructions and report forms are yours for the asking. Probably not too
many should be ordered for a start until it is possible to judge the amount of interest
present in your Centre. I will endeavour to answer all requests as promptly as I can,
but there will inevitably be delays when I have to run off further supplies. Centres
which already have report forms for these observations may continue to use them; the
standard forms are merely a convenience for the Co-ordinator. As usual, your comments
and. suggestions regarding these forms will be most welcome.

ANNUAL MEETING    Those who have already sent me copies of 1961 observations should be
DISPLAY           advised that I will be using a re:1tsentative selection of these to
                  prepare a couple of display boards for the Edmonton meeting. The
source of the contributions will be clearly indicated on these. I look forward to
having the opportunity of meeting a number of my correspondents at Edmonton.

VENUS   Mr Klaus Branch, Co-Chairman of the Montreal Centre's Planetary Section, has
        devised a very thorough program for studying Venus, which will be well placed
this summer. I will be glad to supply anyone interested with a copy of this program;
however, it should be emphasized that this is of an advanced nature and that all
contributors are expected to make intensity and filter observations.

                                            Geoffrey Gaherty, Jr, National Co-ordinator,
                                            Planetary Section, Standing Committee on
                                                 Observational Activities.
                                            636 Sydenham Avenue, Montreal 6, Quebec.
Planetary Section Bulletin No. 3
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