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                 COMET AND NOVA SECTION
Bulletin No. 2                            March 1, 1962

    The Comet and Nova programme is gradually taking
shape. To date, I have received replies to Bulletin 1
from the ten Centres of Halifax, Hamilton, Kingston,
London, Montreal, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Quebec, Vancouver,
and Victoria. More than half show a definite interest
in this programme, and I have received the first negative
reports from the Montreal Centre.

    As you probably know, the General Assembly of the
R.A.S.C. will be held in Edmonton on May 18-20, Although
the C & N section has just started, it is hoped that it
will be possible to represent this section in the display
that will be held. If your Centre has decided to take
part in this programme, would you please send me reports
made by your members, or if observations have not been
made, please send a list of names of those who will
take part and the areas they will observe. To be sure
that your Centre is represented as taking part in the
C & N section, reports should be sent to me no later
than April 15.

    To date, five forms exist explaining the C & N
Programme in detail, and all Centres should now have these.
There is one type of search not described on these forms
which may interest observers of deep sky objects. It is
possible a telescopic nova may appear in a galaxy or star
cluster. If he wishes, the observer may make a systematic
search for novae in these objects, and made reports on
C & N form #2.

    Keep watching the sky.  You may discover a new star!

411 Brixton Avenue          Jim Low,
St. Lambert, P.Q.           National Coordinator,
                            Comet and Nova Section,
                            Standing Committee on
                            Observational Activities,
                            Royal Astronomical Society
                            of Canada
Bulletin No. 2