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                                                                 411 Brixton Avenue,
                                                                 St. Lambert, P. Q.

                                                                 November 15, 1961

     As you may know, the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada is start-
ing a national observation programme in an effort to bring the different
Centres in closer touch with each other, and to try to centralize obser-
vation reports. Co-ordinators have been selected for different fields of
work and I am in charge of the Comet and Nova Section.

     The exact procedure used int he Comet and Nova programme will be
sent to your Centre later, but in general this programme would include
the systematic search for and observation of comets and novae.  What I
would like to know from you is - has your Centre done any work on Cometa
and Novae, and if not, would it be interested in taking part?  If the
Centre has been doing work in this field, please let me know what methods
of observing and reporting are used.

     Perhaps you could let the members of your Centre know about this
progamme. Tell them there is always a chance of gaining fame by discov-
ering a comet or nova, and that if there is a large number of observers
across Canada, the chances are that a few must make discoveries.

     To prevent too many people corresponding directly with me, would
your Centre please appoint one person to take charge of comets and novae
there. All reports should be given to him for forwarding to me.

     I hope your Centre will be interested in this type of observation
and that I will hear from you soon.

                                     Yours sincerely,

                                     (signed) Jim Low

Bulletin No. 1
Comet & Nova Section.
Bulletin No. 1