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18941010 Keeler

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Allegheny Observatory,
Allegheny, Pennsylvania.

Oct. 10 1894

Mr. G. E. Lumsden,
Corresponding Secretary,
Astronomical & Physical Society of Toronto

My Dear Mr. Lumsden,

      With this I enclose the paper referred to in my last letter. It is not so elaborate as I had intended to make it, but it really seemed to be a waste of time to put so much work into what could be done, well enough for the purpose in a simple manner. If you think the paper (if not I should like to have it returned) I hope you will be able to reproduce the figures; and I should like to have a few reprints—fifty will be plenty.

      The weather has been cloudy and smoky here, as usual, and there have been few opportunities for observation. On one pretty good night I noticed the subdivision of the Solis Lacus on Mars, several days before I read a note by Schaeberle on the same subject. The Fons Juventae was very conspicuous; last year I only glimpsed it twice. Surely there has been a change here. I hope you are getting some good views in Canada.

Yours very sincerely,

James E. Keeler.

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